Chain Reaction(s) – Wearing the Elbe Textiles Reznor Skirt for Me Made May

By Traci LarsonMay 2, 2022 Reflections

Reznor Skirt

For the second day of Me Made May 2022, I wore my Reznor Skirt. This pattern from Elbe Textiles was an adventurous make for me! I was still pretty new to sewing with knits at the time and the asymmetrical draped front was a beast to cut out. It’s worth the trouble, though. The wrap style is really comfortable and easy to wear.

I made this skirt over the course of a few days. I started cutting it out on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 and finished on Saturday, August 28. The fabric is “Orange Graphic Gingko Double Brush Knit” by Ember. It looks more like a burnt sienna/brown in person. I purchased it at JoAnn. I had not been there looking for knit fabric, but I saw this ginkgo print out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t pass it up. I adore it and made several things from the yardage I bought, so stay tuned for more appearances!


Today I paired it with a graphic t-shirt that my fiancé gave me for Valentine’s Day. It’s from a small concert venue we both frequented in our teenage years, before we knew each other. I am sure we were at some of the same concerts back then, possibly moshing side by side.

To weather the hardship brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the venue did a mail order fundraiser, selling merch including this shirt. Chain Reaction was an important place to me in my youth, and it’s even more meaningful to me that Greg and I share the feelings of nostalgia towards it. I wore the shirt today because we were going to tour a potential wedding venue — we decided to go with it and selected a date! Should we hang up a “No Crowd Surfing. No Crowd Moshing. Or You Will Be Kicked Out” sign at the reception?

The skirt does not have pockets, so I needed somewhere else to carry my stuff. Thankfully my Flax shirt jacket has generous pockets and coordinates nicely with this skirt. Today was also my first full co-working day at my new office space, so here’s a bathroom mirror selfie to celebrate.

Full length mirror in the bathroom of my new coworking space

Analog Records

Excerpt from my handwritten making journal

Last year I was doing well at keeping up with a handmade journal to track my sewing projects. I would glue in a piece of fabric, do a line drawing of the silhouette, and write up any thoughts about the process. Now that it’s several months later, I forgot all about the interfacing troubles that I wrote up here!

I still think there is something nice about that tactile scrapbooking process. It’s more immediate and doesn’t require me to get in front of the camera. I hope to pick that back up as I get started sewing for summer. It’s helpful to keep good records.


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